The Official Guide To Mixing
Learn how to Prepare, Execute and Finalise a Professional Mix
24 Lessons, 3 hours on-demand Video, Lifetime Access
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Here's What You'll Learn:
How to execute a professional mix from beginning to end
How to make the drums sound punchy and powerful
How to mix the bass effectively to make it work with the kick drum
The strategy to achieve maximum loudness
The secets for getting a commercial vocal sound
How to correctly use compressors and equalisers
Meet Your Instructors:
Claudio Passavanti - Head Of Doctor Mix
Claudio is the founder of Doctor Mix and Sunlightsquare Records. A long-established producer, pianist and DJ, He has worked with countless artists including Brian Adams, Omar, Paloma Faith, Gilles Peterson, Diana Ross, Danii Minogue, Steve Gadd, Will Lee.
Dom Sigalas - Senior Producer, Sound Engineer
Dom is an in-demand producer, product specialist for Steinberg Cubase and. His credits include Universal Music, StudioCanal and the National Geographic and Animal Planet channels. Alongside his work as a Doctor Mix producer, Dom teaches at the SAE Institute.
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The Official Guide To Mixing
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Who Is This Course For?
This course is for music producers, independent artists and sound engineers who want to learn to mix professionally.  You should know how to use a PC/MAC and audio editing/recording software.
What's In The 24 Video Lessons?
  • How to prepare, organize and get your material ready for mixing
  • ​Gain Staging
  • ​Bus Routing
  • ​Parallel Compression
  • ​Sine Wave Trick
  • ​Enhancing The Snare
  • ​Bus Compression
  • ​Bass Sidechain
  • ​Vocal Correction With Dynamic EQ
  • ​Mixing The Acoustic Guitar
  • ​Mixing the Horns
  •  A/B comparison to commercial releases or demo mix
  • ​Filtering The Low End
  • ​Kick Drum
  • ​Increasing The Kick Impact
  • ​Transient Enhancement
  • ​How To Balance The Drums
  • ​How To Mix The Bass
  • ​Basic Vocal EQ & Compression
  • ​Adding Reverb And Delay On Vocals
  • ​Mixing Pads and Strings
  • ​Mastering Techniques
Watch A Few Free Samples From The Course:
Order Now And Get 50% off!
$134 $67
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